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Prenuptial Agreements in New York City

New York City Divorce Attorney

More and more couples are choosing to draft a prenuptial agreement before they become married. This does not only provide stability in the event of a divorce, but it also provides security should one of the spouses pass away. A New York City divorce lawyer will be able to make sure you have covered all the bases and find an agreement that is amicable to all.

We cannot foresee the future and so it is wise to be prepared for whatever life might throw your way. That is why a prenuptial agreement can be so advantageous. With it you can protect your separate property. You can also agree upon what is marital property and what is separate property. Should you ever decide to part ways, you will reduce conflict during the divorce process and also save money from lengthy court fees. It brings transparency and honesty into a relationship, which is crucial, especially if you are planning to start a family.

Why hire a New York City prenup lawyer?

If you own property or a business, a prenuptial agreement is a good option for you. Also, if there are children or grandchildren from a previous marriage, it is crucial that you decide now what should happen to them if something changes. Since 1993, The Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell have been serving clients throughout New York City and Manhattan. If you have any questions regarding prenuptial agreements or anything else having to do with family law or divorce law, a New York City prenuptial agreement lawyer from our firm could help. Contact a Manhattan divorce lawyer from the firm if you would like more information regarding prenuptial agreements.