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Post-Divorce Modifications in New York

New York City Divorce Lawyer

Nothing stays the same forever. As time passes after a divorce, existing court orders may stop meeting your needs or the needs of your ex-spouse. You may need someone to help you navigate the confusing, intimidating and often emotional territory of post-divorce modification. At The Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell, LLC in Midtown Manhattan, our attorneys help our clients understand their legal options. We even make ourselves available in emergencies, doing whatever it takes to help our clients rebalance their lives.

In New York City, the Supreme Court retains the power, called jurisdiction, over a divorce. This means that people wishing to make changes to an existing order must usually return to the same court that granted the divorce. Child custody, child support, and alimony may all be modified by the court. Property division, however, generally cannot be modified.

Modifying Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements

As children grow, their needs and schedules change. Parents' schedules may change as well. Courts may be able to modify child custody and visitation arrangements accordingly. Our team of lawyers can help. In modifying child custody, courts use the standard of what is in the best interests of the child. Attorneys at our Manhattan law firm help individuals make upward and downward modifications of child support or spousal maintenance (formerly alimony) obligations. Courts grant modifications of child support when there is a change in circumstances that was not anticipated at the time the original child support order was issued. Our legal team is here to help you no matter what your unique situation is. A New York City divorce attorney from our firm will fight for your rights and best interests. If you have any questions regarding child custody, child support, or spousal support, please contact our firm to discuss your situation.