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About High Net Worth Divorce

Asset protection is a key factor in cases of high net-worth divorce. It is important to litigate responsibly so that wealth is not consumed by legal fees and the filing of irresponsible motions to push minute issues. In order to protect your interests, these cases are closely supervised by New York family court judges. This measure is meant to benefit individuals going through the divorce process; however it is still crucial to secure representation that can determine which issues are of importance and which are only marginal. A divorce attorney can help guide you through the specifics of your divorce case, from matters of tax issues to Child Protective Services and everything in between.

New Yorkers throughout the city, including those residing in Manhattan have taken to the responsive and dedicated divorce lawyers at our firm. Many people are unaware of how many details can go into the procedures required of a divorce. For some separating couples, theeffects of bankruptcy or post-divorce modifications will need to be taken into consideration as well. For these reasons, many locals are turning to the attentive, responsive and dedicated professionals at our law offices. Our service-oriented approach has earned us notoriety in field of divorce litigation and it's a reputation we intend to maintain.

Factors to Consider in a High-Net-Worth Divorce

High net-worth divorces require an immense amount of skill and diligence on behalf of the professional you choose to represent your case. Attorneys at the Law Offices of J. Spinnell, LLC have the experience necessary to deal with matters of this sort. From challenging or enforcing the terms of a prenuptial agreement to uncovering hidden assets and marital fraud, our team is up for the task. Spousal support, child support and issues of alimony can also come into play during high net-worth divorces.

It takes a strong breed of education and experience to deal with property characterization and division, including the treatment of a pension or an inheritance by one spouse. Fortunately, the negotiation skills required to handle these types of tasks as well as those like them, such as the equitable distribution of complex assets and debt, can be found in any one of the divorce professionals at our firm. If you are dealing with the complex matters of a high net-worth divorce, then you may realize how much there is to lose financially. Contact our firm to ensure that you have the best legal defense on your side during this intense time.